Cryptsy’s Mining Contract One is Horrifically Overvalued

It’s pretty rare that I feel the need to step up and talk about something like this, but it’s just way too obvious, and people who don’t do their research are losing money. I’ll break it down for you, because there are two reasons why Cryptsy‘s new Mining Contract One (MN1 ticker) is currently way, way […]

BTCChina updated deposit rules suggest that bank deposits will continue

Link to the new BTCChina updated deposit rules. Here’s the translation: Dear Customers, For an easier and faster CNY fund/withdraw experience, we have added a new feature requiring users to select a user account type: Mainland China account or International account. Where can I select my user account type? For all new users and existing […]

Senator Manchin’s Bitcoin Fumbles Continue: Claims Bitcoin Isn’t Transparent

Senator Joe Manchin’s Bitcoin comments became infamous in the Bitcoin community after he called to ban the nascent cryptocurrency. Today, the story has changed as the Washington Post’s Brian Fung reports that he has come around somewhat on the topic of Bitcoin. But it’s still very obvious from his quotes that he didn’t want to back down and […]

MtGox Found Bitcoin: 670,000 More According to Insider

On March 4th, a few days before MtGox found Bitcoin totaling 200,000 of their ‘lost’ funds, this was Tweet’ed: @PatronaPartners As I heard from an insider from @blockchain: they found lost #bitcoin of @mtgox Note: It's not an investment advice/offer. — Eren Canarslan (@CanarslanEren) March 4, 2014 He followed that up with: @zeroblock @PatronaPartners @blockchain I […]

Chinese Central Bank Bans Bitcoin – [RUMOR]

Intense rumor circling around right now. Here’s a link to details. Chinese prices quickly dived farther down than you could imagine, but have recovered somewhat at this point. I don’t expect that to hold, as even this information as a believable rumor should be enough to seriously shock the markets. This will be a pretty […]